Are Electronic Cigarettes Good for You?

Sky Cig Electronic Cigarettes - Are e-cigs good for you?With all of the recent media, government, and healthcare related focus on electronic cigarettes I wondered whether they are actually good for you or not, and if they are a genuine help to people who want to stop smoking, or are they really more of a danger to your health than tobacco cigarettes?


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Are Vinyl Floor Tiles Any Good?

Vinyl FlooringI can vividly remember when I was a kid that my parents could only afford really cheap vinyl floor coverings, and by cheap I mean thin, really thin stuff that cracked and split, and that was really, really naff.

So when looking to replace a load of worn and tatty laminate flooring I didn’t expect vinyl flooring to be anything more than my childhood memories, and was I surprised when I took a look at the latest modern stuff that you can get today.

The main brand was Amtico who produce some really innovative and interesting modern and classic designs.

AmticoAmtico Flooring

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Is Social Media Distracting?

Social media apps and messaging appsWe’ve all seen people who are continuously glued to their phones, and who seem to be tapping away like crazy permanently as they conduct their social life from their desk in the office, but are social media messages distracting, and do they lead to a drop in performance?

A new study from a user (UX) research group might surprise you.

Analysis of this Study from a UX Researcher

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The ECig Market

ecigs and the ecig marketThe electronic cigarette, or more commonly e-cig, has grown astronomically over recent years, which is no wonder given the huge pull it brings to consumers, with its cheaper price tag and reduced health risk.

There are roughly over 2 million users of the electronic cigarette in the UK alone, which has tripled since 2012, according to the anti-smoking group on Smoking an health (ASH). As a result of which, UK sales are believed to have quadrupled in size to around £200 million in 2013.

Given the extortionate prices for a pack of 20 traditional cigarette’s in the UK, it is no wonder why the market is growing, with Brits looking for a much cheaper alternative to get their hit of nicotine. There are also many reports of reduced health risks, but for the average smoker this probably doesn’t get much thought. [Read more…]

Aspire Nautilus Coils for E-cigs – Taking Vaping to the Next Level

aspire nautilus genuine replacement coilsThis story relates mainly to :

Aspire nautilus replacement coils

It was a long slow process to the cigarettes we know today following the introduction of tobacco smoking from the new world. Since 1936 the design of cigarettes has pretty much stayed the same.

If you have always wondered why the filter part looks the way it does, then you might be interested to know that sometimes the newly introduced filters were made of cork.

Although there is no other reason why the filters look the way they do, it obviously stuck as the standardised design, and I can’t imagine it will change until the last smoker in the world stubs out their cigarette.

However, like all electronic devices the e-cigarette appears to be evolving at a rate of knots. Blink and you’ve missed the next new thing. Would you believe that we are already talking about generations of e-cigs, just like we do with mobile phones.

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Divorce & Arrangements Orders

Divorce solicitors in LondonPre-nuptial Agreements

Divorce solicitors London

Southampton Row look at the pros and cons of having a prenuptial agreement.

Our family law department regularly receives enquiries about drafting a pre-nup.

The most common question of course – is it worth it? In other words whatever happens down the line will it mean that I am protected, and guaranteed to get/part with just what I agreed to before the marriage. [Read more…]

Laminate Flooring and DIY

Fibreboard underlay, also known as green boards, insulation boards, and laminate underlayAfter my post on vinyl tiles and are they any good, I thought I’d do one on laminate flooring and making sure you lay it properly, since getting things right is where DIYers often go wrong.

To this end I’m going to recommend using a supplier like UK Flooring Supplies (here: to get your stocks from rather than the usual DIY shops or websites, since this site is run by an actual tradesman who’s main occupation is actually fitting laminate floors for a living.

So not only does he supply the hardwood thresholds, fibreboard underlay, laminate beading & edging, levelling compounds, etc, he can also provide you with expert advice on the right materials, tools, and preparation for your job on a one to one basis, which means you get far more than just buying from a.n.other website.

He’s like your own personal adviser on flooring.

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Home and Office Fences

Home and office fencing liverpoolIf you’re looking for timber and concrete fences and fencing for your office or business or home in and around Liverpool then I think I can highly recommend Bridge Fencing to you, and I’ll tell you why, and it might surprise you a little bit!

Liverpool Fencing

And it’s all to do with rabbits…

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Electric Adjustable Beds

Adjustable & electric bedsIf you find it difficult to get to sleep because you suffer from a bad back, other aches and pains or a disability, then you really should think about changing your bed.

My grandmother has just got a new electric adjustable bed delivered and I’ve had a go on it, and I have to say they’re amazing and very comfortable!

Adjustable Beds

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Is the Great British High Street Dead?

Empty Shops on the High Street in the UK
Image copyright BBC used under fair use guidelines

We’re all used to hearing about the woeful times we find ourselves in economically,and we can see it with our very own eyes whenever we visit the local high street – the number of empty shops seems to have grown each time I visit my high street.

It is a very worrying sight indeed to see empty shops in one of the arterial economic generators, but what does this mean?

Is it simply a sign of the times, the trough of the wave that will pass as we come to the peak, or is it something that we will see more and more of? In other words, is the Great British high street dead?

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My New Favourite Way to Save Money – Bulk Cooking!

My new favourite way to save monye - bulk cookingI like cooking and I also like saving money, I have a family (2 children), so as anyone else in the same situation will know, the cost of food and feeding the kids seems to have increased dramatically in recent times.

So what we’ve started doing is bulk cooking, and it’s saving us an absolute fortune.

Here’s the skinny on how to do the same thing yourself.

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